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I could go on and on about how much experience I have or how many families I have photographed over the years but the answer is really simple; I love my job.  Not only do I love being your photographer but I also love being a mama.

 I can relate to you. 

Your threenager decided she wants to wear her ballet outfit to family photos?

I don't want to be just "the photographer lady", I want to be your friend. I want to capture your love story because I genuinely care about you and your amazing family.

I always talk about how I love love stories and I love to photograph them. Most people only think about weddings and engagement sessions when they hear love story. I think about so much more than that.

All parents say that to non-parents. "You think you love your husband, but you have no idea what love is until you have a baby." I used to scoff at this statement. I totally love my husband, I KNOW what love is. Gosh, was I wrong.

Only, I wasn't entirely wrong. All I discovered was there was this new, indescribable love that I never knew existed. And it is life changing.

That is a love story that I will forever be infatuated with. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, to the day they graduate from high school, 

I am a family photographer because I live for those moments. 

Your toddler is shy and anxious around strangers? 

Dad isn't the biggest fan of family photos and doesn't understand why we have to do this?

it's okay, mama! you will remember her just as she was at this time

this is my Amelia girl to a T! I have some ways around this.

this is my life! but I promise Dad will walk away thinking family photos were fun

I want to capture your love stories.

Kiralee is one of a kind! :-) She is kind, caring, adventurous, willing, smart and REALLY good at her job. We have had our family pictures taken by her three times now and our experience just keeps getting better! <3 Fully, whole-heartedly recommend Kiralee for your pictures. She will knock your socks off!

-Trodick Family, 2017

We have had Kiralee take our family pictures twice and both time they have turned out wonderful!! She is so patient with our family! And has a great eye!

-Cobell Family, 2016

Amazing work!! Love all the pictures we have had taken!

-Seals Family, 2016

The best. We love the attention to detail in our photos. Not only did we get amazing pictures, but we had a blast hanging out with the girls. This is exactly what we were looking for and we will definitely be making appointments and recommending Kiralee In the future!!

-Siders Family, 2016

Kiralee is so wonderful! She is so laid back and goes above and beyond to make your family feel comfortable! And the pictures are amazing! So glad we chose her to do our family photos

-Herset Family, 2015

Kiralee and Erin were both fabulous at our mini session, super friendly and easy to get along with while still being professional. We immediately felt very comfortable as did our two girls. We will definitely be back!

-Markle Family, 2015

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When you book me as your family photographer

I promise...

1. We will all laugh. It may be because someone said or did something funny, but usually because I end up tripping over something or stepping in something (yes, gross) or saying the exact opposite of what I am thinking in my head, which gets confusing but regardless Laughter usually always shows up at my sessions.

2. I will call "you" by the wrong name. I know I should remember and I even practice, but names are just not my thing. I will most likely refer to you as "mom" or "dad" throughout the entire shoot!

3. We will create images that you can look back on and smile at. Images that you will love hanging on your walls or putting in an album on your coffee table.